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Whatacatch Bass Fishing Club
Address: 38355 Boot Lane Ste 101
Tel: 951-767-3070
Have you ever wanted to learn to fish for largemouth bass? 

We can help you learn the basics and more advanced techniques out there today with our award winning "Bass fishing 101,102,103" training classes!

Our  bass fishing training classes consist of working with your particular set of skills that you have, to help you learn how to fish for those mighty big mouth lunkers. Our teachers have been fishing for bass for most of their natural born life and are very patient. we specialize in training all walks of life the art of Bass Fishing. 

Bass fishing (101)

We first start in a local lake here in the Temecula valley , with tackle provided for you to learn on or you can bring your own. In this class we teach casting, lures, rods, reels, tackle boxes, and a few basic techniques that you can fish with every day. and help you understand bass fishing from the ground up.

First session is $199.00 You can pay here.

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Bass Fishing 102

In this seconded class you will learn how and where to put your new skills that you learned in the first class to the test. From a chosen shore line, we teach you all about where to properly place the Jig or  lure" to get strikes. Water clarity and lure selection for different shades of the water. We also, work on the weather and how it effects the bass' behavior. Also, we train you on what your doing wrong and how to get the most out of every cast. We also answer any questions that you may have. this session usually takes all day.

Seconded session is 249.00 You can pay here

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Bass Fishing 103

In this third and final class we teach you to get all the best out of your bass fishing expertise- We go out on a boat and let you show your teacher exactly how you and your skills can catch fish- this is a whole different ball game then the other two classes because you show us where you need to improve, what your having trouble with and how you would like to fix it. Then we take it step by step to help you learn what ever you need to know so you can be a bass fishing for the rest of your life effectively.

Third session is  249.00 You can pay here-

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To make it convenient for all you can pay for all three classes here at one time.


Secure Merchant Account Credit Card Processing.Bass Fishing Training 101,102,103


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