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Whatacatch Bass Fishing Club

Welcome Lunker Hunters!

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--> Have you ever dreamed of joining a bass fishing club? Well here is your chance.

We have two plans available for our new members- FREE that allows you to join and receive our monthly news letters,come to a few b-b-q's YEARLY and much more. Click HERE

Or For a NOT so measly fee! (AND WE THINK IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY) $249.00, you can be a part of bass fishing history, making "Whatacatch Bass Fishing Club" the most prestigious fishing club in the inland empire! If you a member of our club you are cool even if you join at the begining of the season or at the end of the year! You will get to go on ALL the road trips*,ALL the Bar-B-Q's*, all the fishing trips! Pay now with your pay pal account AND WE WILL RUSH YOU YOUR MEMBERSHIP PACKAGE WITH YOUR OWN TACKLE, BOOKS, MEMBERSHIP PATCH!!!


If no pay pal account send an e-mail For the best club in town-Join NOW

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  If you are into bass fishing at all and live in  southern California check out the rest of the site. You might want to join?


How to join a Bass Club

  • First you will need to find one that fits your needs.
  • If you end up finding one, then you need to see if they have a website. (like this one.)
  • Then find the (Join Now) button and send in your information. If there is no (Join Now) button, you must give the president a call and see how to join.
  • With our site, everyone is welcome. Be fore warned, we are looking for lunker hunters. If you are scared of big, mean, and feisty fish then you might want to look somewhere else. We have a pro section and are out to make the best bass fishing team anyone has ever seen in the valley. If you just want to go on the summer road trips, B -B-Q's and the like, then sign up as a free member and we will be glad to invite you. It is a lot of fun and the whole family can come if you wish. Everyone pay's there own way and we just have fun.
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